Variant Analysis Tips and Tricks

Presented by: Dr. Darryl Gietzen, Senior Field Applications Scientist, QIAGEN Silicon Valley (formally Ingenuity Systems, Inc.) | Duration: 34:11 minutes

Whether you are a new or experienced user of Ingenuity Variant Analysis, you will benefit from attending this Tips and Tricks presentation. This presentation will walk you through several scenarios and give tips on how to work more efficiently and get more accurate scientific results. These tips come from the people who work with Variant Analysis every day: the Field Application Scientist and Customer Support teams.
In this webinar you will learn fast and efficient variant analysis design and set-up (covering several study types and sample numbers), how to quickly re-analyze the same samples with different filter settings, how to get the most from the Genetic Analysis filter module without over filtering, optimization of the filter cascade, and quickly prioritize biologically compelling variants.

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