The Role of microRNAs in Kidneys of Hypertensive Patients

Presented by: Aimee Jackson, Ph.D. | Duration: 23:09 minutes

microRNAs are small, non-coding RNAs that function as central regulators of gene expression and development. These regulatory molecules have been implicated in a wide range of normal and pathological activities, including embryonic development, cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease and viral infections. We explored the possibility that microRNA dysfunction in the kidney might contribute to hypertension, a significant health issue. We analyzed mRNA and microRNA expression profiling data from kidneys of untreated hypertensive patients and normotensive patients to identify microRNAs, microRNA targets, and gene networks that are dysregulated in hypertension. The results of these analyses identify microRNAs and their targets that could be biomarkers or therapeutic targets for hypertension.

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