Leveraging QIAGEN’s Ingenuity for Predictive Systems Biology: An Approach To Broad-Spectrum, Host-Directed Drug Target Discovery In Infectious Diseases

Presented by: Dr. Ramon Felciano, Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Applied Research and Partnering, QIAGEN Silicon Valley | Duration: 50:33 minutes

Knowledge of immune system and host-pathogen pathways can inform development of targeted therapies and molecular diagnostics based on a mechanistic understanding of disease pathogenesis and the host response. We used QIAGEN’s Ingenuity platform to investigate the feasibility of rapid target discovery for novel broad-spectrum molecular therapeutics was investigated through comprehensive systems biology modeling and analysis of pathogen and host-response pathways and mechanisms. We used this approach to identify and prioritize candidate host targets based on strength of mechanistic evidence characterizing the role of the target in pathogenesis and tractability desiderata that include optimal delivery of new indications through potential repurposing of existing compounds or therapeutics. We will describe our approach, experimental results, and the key technology innovations now publically available in IPA.

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