Variant Analysis Training

Ingenuity offers online training with our product specialists and web seminars presented by notable third parties, please see the recorded versions below available to you at any time!

Getting Started with QIAGEN’s Ingenuity® Variant Analysis

Variant Analysis combines analytical and statistical tools with manually curated content to help you rapidly identify and prioritize variants by drilling down to a small, targeted subset of compelling variants based both upon published biological evidence and your own knowledge of disease biology. We offer different training media to help you get started and to help familiarize you with the application. Our free online live events cover the basic and intermediate functionalities of the application. For all our other pre-recorded and written materials please consult our Customer Portal.

Part 1: Getting Started with QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Variant Analysis (30 min)

This session is recommended for all new Variant Analysis users.

This introduction to Variant Analysis shows you which files you need and how to upload data and run an analysis. You will also learn about the biological context and the basic functionalities of the Genetic Analysis filters which are unique to Variant Analysis and provide powerful ways to quickly identify disease-causing variants.

Part 1 pre-recorded version (Jan 2014) can be access at: Variant Analysis: Getting Started and Sample Upload

Part 2: Analysis Interpretation and Advanced Functionalities (30 min)

This session is recommended for users that have a good understanding of the acceptable file formats, uploading and running a basic analysis or have attended Part 1.

In this session, you will be introduced to the pedigree and clinical annotations as well as the use of custom annotations – both chromosomal and transcript level annotations. You will also learn how to change and edit the settings of your Genetic Analysis filter to incorporate the pedigree information along with a review of the filter cascade for an analysis that reflects your particular research needs.

Part 2 pre-recorded version (Jan 2014) can be access at: Variant Analysis: Analysis and Filter Cascade Basic

  • We are currently working on updating the content and structure of these trainings to better share Variant Analysis’s new and improved functionality. We look forward to sharing these new free training courses with you when complete, please check back with us for more details.