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Case Study: Large Private Cancer Center and Ingenuity Variant Analysis


  • Solved the following challenges by deploying Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • Realized faster and easier identification of causal variants
    • Improved sharing and collaboration capabilities
  • Purchased Ingenuity Variant Analysis for the following reasons:
    • Identify high impact, most compelling variants to follow up on
    • Access user friendly interface and no bioinformatics experience needed
    • Secure web application that is HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant

Use Case

  • Uses the following applications with Ingenuity Variant Analysis:
    • DNA sequencing – Whole Genome
    • DNA sequencing – Whole Exome
  • Sequencing data is from the following platforms:
    • Illumina Genome Analyzer (GA) / HiSeq
    • Complete Genomics


  • Chose Ingenuity Systems over the following solutions:
    • In-house developed software
  • Reduced time to results by > 75% by using Ingenuity Variant Analysis for DNA variant annotation and analysis.
  • Rated the following Ingenuity Variant Analysis capabilities in terms of how differentiated they are compared to other data analysis solutions:
    • Speed: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Accurate evidence: 3 (differentiated)
    • Accessibility/ ease of use: 4 (very differentiated)
    • Sharing with colleagues/peers: 5 (strongly differentiated)
    • Security: 4 (very differentiated)
  • Is satisfied with the ease of use of Ingenuity Variant Analysis.


user-green2“From an operational standpoint, Ingenuity has made the analysis of shared samples by researchers of varying levels of expertise much easier.”

Post Doctoral Researcher, Large Private Cancer Center

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 0D4-B5D-A95