Sample to Insight
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  • Helps inform decisions related to lead compound optimization
  • Efficiently delivers detailed mechanistic hypotheses underlying tox-specific phenotypes
  • Contains pathway content and molecule-to-phenotype associations that accelerate the interpretation of toxicogenomics data and the generation of reports summarizing findings from toxicity studies
  • Enables multi-disciplinary toxicology groups to build a toxicogenomics database
  • Provides rapid insights into candidate tissue-specific biomarkers through fully integrated IPA biomarker capabilities
  • Provides expert molecular toxicology data interpretation to non-expert users
  • Generates new molecular hypotheses that may not have been revealed using traditional toxicology approaches
  • Provides evidence to support or reject hypotheses generated from pre-clinical toxicity assays
  • Allows easy access to important findings from the scientific literature, including information associated with cardiotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and hepatotoxicity