IPA Spring Release 2015

Get more insight from your mouse RNA-Seq datasets with new mouse Isoform View.

Go beyond genes and deeper into your RNA-Seq data with the IPA Spring Release 2015. In this release, mouse isoform information from either Ensembl or RefSeq (in addition to human) can now be visualized on the IPA Isoform View.

Take advantage of both sources on Gene Views, by toggling between RefSeq and Ensembl to visualize associated mouse isoforms on the Isoform View. Understand the structure and function of individual isoforms in the context of your RNA-Seq data. Understand quickly which isoforms from your mouse dataset are differentially expressed for additional follow-up and exploration.

Ensembl isoforms for the mouse Paxillin gene

RefSeq isoforms
Figure 1: Top: Ensembl isoforms for the mouse Paxillin gene. Bottom: RefSeq isoforms. IPA includes only the well-established “NM” isoforms for RefSeq and excludes the predicted XM type (a.k.a. “model” RefSeqs).