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Case Study: Educational Institution


  • Solved the following challenges since deploying IPA for RNA sequencing analysis:
    • Improved understanding of the structure of different isoforms
    • Can now distinguish different isoforms
    • Can more clearly identify biologically relevant isoforms
  • Purchased IPA for RNA sequencing analysis for the following reasons:
    • Interpret the impact of expression changes in the context of biological processes, disease and cellular phenotypes, and molecular interactions
    • Compile targeted bibliographies with experimental evidence linking their differentially expressed isoforms to biological processes, disease, and molecular interactions

Use Case

  • Uses the following species in their RNA seq analysis:
    • Humans
    • Mice
  • Uses the following upstream analysis packages to generate RNA-Seq expression values:
    • EdgeR


  • Purchased IPA for RNA seq analysis over the following competitors:
    • GeneGo
  • Rates the following IPA capabilities compared to the competition:
    • Faster time to insights: extremely differentiated
    • Ease of use: extremely differentiated
    • Novel insights: extremely differentiated
    • Deeper analysis: extremely differentiated
  • Is extremely satisfied with the value for identifying biologically relevant isoforms fromRNA seq data using IPA.


user-green2“IPA is very useful and has become a daily tool of my research.”

TechValidate Survey of a Educational Institution

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 3E2-FF0-34E