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Case Study: Educational Institution


  • Solved the following challenges since deploying IPA for RNA sequencing analysis:
    • Improved precise measurement of transcripts
  • Purchased IPA for RNA sequencing analysis for the following reasons:
    • Interpret the impact of expression changes in the context of biological processes, disease and cellular phenotypes, and molecular interactions
    • Compile targeted bibliographies with experimental evidence linking their differentially expressed isoforms to biological processes, disease, and molecular interactions

Use Case

  • Uses the following species in their RNA seq analysis:
    • Humans
  • Uses the following upstream analysis packages to generate RNA-Seq expression values:
    • DESeq
    • Partek


  • Rates the following IPA capabilities compared to the competition:
    • Faster time to insights: highly differentiated
    • Ease of use: highly differentiated
    • Novel insights: extremely differentiated
    • Deeper analysis: extremely differentiated
  • Is very satisfied with the value for identifying biologically relevant isoforms from RNA seq data using IPA.
  • Increased the productivity of their bioinformatics staff for RNA seq analysis by 5 to 10x with IPA.


user-green2“IPA has the deepest database and is the easiest to use compared to anything else on the market. The ‘Upstream Regulator’ function is unique to IPA and is one of the main reasons I use this bioinformatic software.”

Michael Edwards, Bioinformaticist, University of Colorado at Denver

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 0F3-87D-55B