Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions and Services bring the power and breadth of QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Platform to your Business

QIAGEN offers a number of custom services ranging from turn-key custom built bioinformatics solutions that are designed meet your specific goals and specifications, to do-it-yourself integration Web APIs for bioinformatics teams within customer and partner organizations to use for integrating QIAGEN’s Ingenuity products into their bioinformatics products, pipelines and knowledge management infrastructures.

Web Service APIs for Custom Integrations

Here are the web service APIs Ingenuity offers to bioinformaticians, web developers, partners and customers to integrate with Ingenuity’s products to create custom solutions of their own.

  • DataStream Integration APIs

    DataStream is a suite of web services that streamline the upload and processing of primary instrumentation data from instrumention and streamline the delivery of it to the end researcher/biologist for analysis and interpretation. These services are available to bioinformaticians and partner for building customer integrations.

  • Target Explorer Integration APIs

    The Target Explorer web services are built to enhance biomedical websites and reagent commerce. They deliver biological content through fully functional, self-contained UI components called web widgets. The widgets can be easily embedded in web pages to provide search and discovery capabilities to aid scientists in finding targets, gaining biological insights, accessing corporate documents such as target safety reports, and finding third-party reagents.

  • IPA Integration Module

    QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Integration Module enables life science researchers to access the high quality, detail-rich biological and chemical knowledge in IPA directly from their internal websites, applications, and gene catalogues, as well as from internal research reports, e-mails and other shared documents that are part of their daily research workflows. This easy-to-implement module increases the utility of internal web sites, search portals, and research reports by providing direct links to the content and analysis capabilities in IPA, including details on individual genes or lists of genes, their interrelationships, their participation in well-characterized signaling and metabolic pathways, and in cellular and disease processes.

Turnkey Custom Solutions

QIAGEN’s turnkey services are built to customer specific requirements leveraging the Ingenuity Platform through public and private Ingenuity web service APIs. The range of custom solutions Ingenuity has experience building include:

  • Ecommerce Search Solutions

    QIAGEN’s eCommerce Search Solutions are search and visualization tools that can be deployed on your eCommerce website to enable your customers to use information about relevant biological and chemical systems and pathways to better design their experiments and select their reagents. Examples include those integrated into the Sigma & Thermo websites for assisting customers in their selection of reagents and assays that are optimized for their experimental objectives.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management systems can be significantly enhanced with QIAGEN’s Ingenuity content and semantic search to quickly and easily search for and find highly relevant information across a wide range of internal, third party, and public sources. An example is Ingenuity Answers. Ingenuity Answers is an advanced search tool that enables you to quickly and reliably answer specific biological and chemical questions by identifying lists of genes (or other biological and chemical objects) that satisfy particular biological criteria.