Login Troubleshooting

Step 1 — Obtain a username and password

If you do not have an Ingenuity account, you can apply for one with the following links.  Use the link that corresponds to the applications you would like to use:

     Application Name URL
     IPA :https://apps.ingenuity.com/isa/account/signup/ipa
     Variant Analysis :https://apps.ingenuity.com/isa/account/signup/va

After applying for an account, you will receive a Welcome email containing a username and password. In some cases, spam filters intercept the Welcome email. Check your Spam or Junk mail folder if you do not receive the email in your Inbox.

Step 2 — Troubleshooting IPA launching 

There are two ways to launch IPA.

Both methods of launching IPA provide access to the same application, functionality and content and both require an active Internet connection. The main difference is in how the application is launched.

Step 3 — If IPA is not launching properly

Step 4 — Contact Customer Support

If you have worked through all of the above and are still encountering trouble with IPA, we recommend contacting Ingenuity Customer Support. Customer Support can be reached Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time at:

Phone: +1 (650) 381-5111    |    Email: support-ingenuity@qiagen.com