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Featured poster from ICHG: microRNA Target Filter used to understand fetal alcohol exposure

See how Dr. Shiva Singh and molecular genetics graduate student Ben Laufer used the IPA microRNA Target Filter in their recent poster on neurodevelopment and long- term memory formation, presented at ICHG 2011.  They used IPA to better understand the molecular basis of the interaction … Read More

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See how to take 13,000 possible mRNA targets down to two, using IPA

IPA’s new microRNA Target Filter helps identify and prioritize mRNA targets. In this poster, IPA was used to analyze microRNA gene expression data.  IPA identified 13,000 potential mRNA targets, and then prioritized the list using biological information and biomarker information … Read More

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Video: What’s new in IPA?

Check out our video on the new features in IPA 9, including the one-of a kind microRNA Target Filter and support for RNA-Seq data. IPA 9 was released this past weekend, with new features to support researchers working with microRNAs … Read More

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