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Clarity and customization

2015 IPA Winter Release We’re pleased to deliver several new features to Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis™, to increase your insight and improve your workflow. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new. Customizable pathway and network overlays The 2015 IPA Winter release improves … Read More

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Determine biological impact

Scientists Reveal New Biological Insights with Regulator Effects in IPA® We launched the Regulator Effects in Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) last year, and it’s been so gratifying to see how helpful this new feature has been for users of the application. … Read More

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Biological parameters involved in EEC tumor progression

Jean-Noel Billaud, PhD, Principal Scientist, QIAGEN Bioinformatics, presents how our in silico solutions enabled us to analyze and identify the biological parameters involved in EEC tumor progression including signaling pathways, biological processes, and potential transcriptional drivers. Read More


IPA Fall Release 2015

IsoProfiler – a new feature We’ve just put the finishing touches on the fall release for Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA), giving our users a lot of new features and functionality. IPA customers know that we strive to keep scientific content … Read More

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Get to know IPA

During the coming months we’ll be hosting a series of webinars introducing Ingenuity Pathway Analysis. There is a webinar giving an introduction to IPA. Other sessions will focus on uploading your data, interpreting your results, and there’s an introduction to newly added features. There’s also a … Read More

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Realizing the Promise of Genomics with Biological Analysis

Discover how intuitive web-based applications can help scientists quickly analyze and accurately interpret the biological meaning in their genomic data. In the last few years, researchers and clinicians have been faced with the challenge of how to effectively sort through … Read More

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2013 IPA Fall Release Product Introduction Webinar

See the whole picture! Powerful functionality enables you to understand causal connections between molecules and diseases. This Fall 2103 release of QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) has exciting new capabilities which enable interactive visual exploration of causality between molecules and … Read More


Leveraging QIAGEN’s Ingenuity for Predictive Systems Biology: An Approach To Broad-Spectrum, Host-Directed Drug Target Discovery In Infectious Diseases

Knowledge of immune system and host-pathogen pathways can inform development of targeted therapies and molecular diagnostics based on a mechanistic understanding of disease pathogenesis and the host response. We used QIAGEN’s Ingenuity platform to investigate the feasibility of rapid target … Read More


IPA the Fast Path to Toxicity Targets of Interest

Metal-rich particulate matter inhalation exposure results in target organ toxicity but also adverse systemic effects including cardiovascular dysfunction and immunosuppression. As a preliminary search for induction of systemic mechanisms, generation of comprehensive transcriptome datasets by DNA microarray, along with gene … Read More


IPA 2013 Spring Release

The 2013 IPA Spring Release is here! Powerful new functionality enables you to upload, find, and compare datasets, and understand causal connections between diseases, genes, and networks of upstream regulators. Stuart Tugendriech, PhD, Scientific Director, IPA from QIAGEN Silicon Valley … Read More