Sample to Insight
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Intuitive web-based applications for quickly analyzing and accurately interpreting the biological meaning in your genomic data

What kind of data are you analyzing? Select an option below and learn how QIAGEN’s Ingenuity can help.

Sequencing data
Broad support for sequencing data types, from DNA to RNA
Microarray Data
Extensive support for microarray gene expression analysis
microrna research
Real-Time PCR Data
QIAGEN’s Ingenuity supports gene expression analysis of real time PCR data
Annotate, Search, and Explore
Search and explore the content in QIAGEN’s Ingenuity Knowledge Base

Peer Reviewed and Widely Adopted

IPA has been broadly adopted by the life science research community and is cited in thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Identify causal variants from human sequencing data in just minutes
Multi-family pedigree Support Multi-family pedigree Support
Disease identification Disease identification
Statistical burden testing Statistical burden testing
Interactive pathway analysis of complex ‘omics data
Transcriptonomics Transcriptonomics
Biomarker Discovery Biomarker Discovery
microRNA Research RNA-Seq Data Analysis
Toxigenomics Toxigenomics
Metabolomics Metabolomics
microRNA Research microRNA Research
Cancer & Rare Genetic Disease Support icon Proteomics
Target Discovery Target Discovery
Drug Repositioning Drug Repositioning

Ingenuity is Part of the QIAGEN Family

Ingenuity applications are a part of the QIAGEN family of Sample to Insight enabling technologies for molecular diagnostics, applied testing, academic and pharmaceutical research.